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At the heart of our work is the national network of members, allies and practitioners we serve. When we foster connections and share best practices between experts, it helps us all work more effectively. Building connections is one of the key ways we work advance the national movement towards equitable communities.

By becoming a member or ally of Grounded Solutions Network, you are both solidifying your commitment to this work and joining a passionate community of practitioners and allies dedicated to increasing our collective impact. 

Please see our different levels of membership below. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@groundedsolutions.org

Become a Member

Grounded Solutions Network Members* practice and/or promote housing and community asset building programs and policies, and share a vision of inclusive and equitable communities organized around the principles of inclusion, stewardship, and empowerment.

Members may be:

  • Nonprofit organizations or public agencies that are actively engaged in forming, or structured and operating as, a community land trust, deed restricted housing program, limited equity cooperative, inclusionary housing program, or other long-term affordable housing program in their community; or
  • Individuals** who are employed by an organization or public agency as described above if their employer is not willing or able to join at the organizational level.

Become a Organizational Member:
     – $500 annually (operating income >$250K)
     – $250 (operating income <$250K)      – $100 (first time members)

Become an Individual Member:
     – $150 annually
     – $75 (first time members) 

Members are eligible for: 

  • Opportunities to guide the Grounded Solutions’ work and impact
  • Participation in governance activities (such as Board leadership, committee seats, annual votes)
  • Access to all member only resources
  • Discounts and scholarships
  • Grants, technical assistance and other financial support

 * According to the bylaws, organizational Members receive one (1) organizational vote and may designate two (2) individuals from its staff or board of directors to vote as individual Members, providing a total of three (3) votes per organizational Member. Anyone affiliated with a Member organization (e.g. employee, board member, intern, leaseholder), receives access to Grounded Solution Network’s resources.

** Individual Members receive one (1) vote. However, there are some restrictions around individual memberships. Employees and board members are precluded from joining as individual Members if their organization is a Member. If an organization is not a Member, up to three (3) employees or board members may join as individual Members; additional employees and board members may join as Allies (defined below) if they wish to access Grounded Solutions Network’s resources and related benefits.



Become an Ally

Allies are individuals and organizations that agree with and believe in the Grounded Solutions Network’s purpose and guiding principles, but do not qualify as a member. Allies do not participate in the governance of the organization and do not vote in annual elections. 

Become an Ally – $100

Allies are eligible for: 

  • Access to all member only resources
  • Limited access to discounts and financial support 



Membership Benefits

  • Premium online tools, training and resources
  • Discounted registration fees for conferences and events
  • Access to Help Desk support and peer forums
  • Participation in committees and Communities of Practice

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