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FHFA Duty to Serve Update

Hopefully, you already read our recent update on the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s duty-to-serve rule that requires Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to increase liquidity and access to financing in underserved markets for low- and moderate-income households. The period to provide public comment to FHFA on the Enterprises’ proposed Underserved Market Plans ended on July 10th....
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Read Our 2017 Impact Report Now!

We’ve been busy over the last year working with members and beyond to advance permanently affordable housing solutions nationwide and support the strength and sustainability of existing programs.  In an effort to share some of this work, we’re proud to share our 2017 Impact Report, which highlights our members and program activities as we work to...
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Grounded Solutions Network visits the Hill

Earlier this month, 50 of Grounded Solutions Network board members, staff members, program members, and resident ambassadors met with roughly 100 Congressional offices in order to educate them on shared equity home-ownership and the importance of lasting affordability. We advocated for HUD funding—specifically for HOME, CDBG, and SHOP—and communicated that tax reform should benefit lower income...
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New Report Makes the Case for Lasting Affordability

Grounded Solutions Network is proud to have partnered with Habitat for Humanity International to help produce Habitat’s 2017 Shelter Report on a topic near to our hearts. Titled “Affordable for Good: Building Inclusive Communities through Homes that Last,” this report makes a compelling argument for creating homes that stay permanently affordable to benefit generation after generation...
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Scaling the Field with the Help of Freddie Mac

Grounded Solutions Network is pleased to announce an expanded partnership with Freddie Mac, which recently made a meaningful investment into our research and development efforts to explore the feasibility of a fund that may help scale shared equity homeownership opportunities. As a Government-sponsored enterprise, Freddie Mac was chartered by Congress in 1970 with a public...
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