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Executive Leadership

Melora Hiller
Chief Executive Officer
Seattle, WA

Melora Hiller brings over 20 years of experience working in the world of affordable housing and has worked with numerous CLTs in the Northwest.

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Rachel Silver
Chief Operating Officer
Oakland, CA

Rachel Silver brings more than 15 years of experience working with public and private agencies to create new affordable housing opportunities.

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Capacity Building

Jenee Gaynor
Capacity Building Senior Specialist
Washington, DC

Jenee Gaynor brings over 10 years of experience managing projects & grants in many sectors, including economic & community development.

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Beth Sorce
Director of Capacity Building
Boulder, CO

Beth Sorce brings over 10 years of affordable housing, shared equity, and community land trust experience to Grounded Solutions Network.

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Jason Webb
Capacity Building Specialist
Orlando, FL

Jason Webb brings 25 years of experience in community revitalization, specializing in housing in his neighborhood of Roxbury, Boston.

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Elizabeth Bain
Training Coordinator
Boston, MA

Elizabeth Bain brings a background of training homeownership providers and homeowners locally, nationally and internationally.

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Jenn Daly
Director of Communications
Bellingham, WA

Jenn Daly brings over 12 years of communications & fundraising experience supporting value-based missions in affordable housing and education.

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Adam Abraham
Member Communications Specialist
Yellow Springs, OH

Adam Abraham brings over 10 years of communications and design experience supporting CLTs and small businesses.

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Cheryl Curry
HomeKeeper Training & Support Specialist
Portland, OR

Cheryl Curry brings over eight years of experience in training and driving adoption, using technology to meet these goals, and is a certified Salesforce Administrator.

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Tiffany Eng
Director of HomeKeeper
Oakland, CA

Tiffany Eng brings more than 16 years of experience working in the housing sector, community development field, and real estate industry.

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Valerie Rogers
HomeKeeper Marketing & Support Specialist
Chicago, IL

Valerie Rogers brings over 10 years of experience working in affordable housing and economic development in New York City, San Francisco and Chicago.

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Research & National Policy

Emily Thaden
Director of National Policy & Sector Strategy
Nashville, TN

Emily Thaden brings over 10 years of experience in applied research, focusing on community and organizational development issues.

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Ruoniu (Vince) Wang
Research Manager
Camas, WA

Vince Wang brings a background in applied research, focusing on affordable housing, geography of inequality and residential mobility.

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Amanda Bennett
Operations & Finance Associate
Oakland, CA

Amanda Bennett brings a background of working in marketing, administrative and accounting support in the organic food industry.

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Jessica Grant
Operations Manager
Portland, OR

Jessica Grant brings over 15 years of experience in nonprofit administration, with more than eight years of experience working with community land trusts.

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Hong Ly
Director of Operations
Oakland, CA

Hong Ly brings over 10 years of experience in housing and community development through volunteering, consulting, and program management.

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Larry Rose
Technology Solutions Specialist
Oakland, CA

Larry has extensive experience in nonprofit operations, specifically with implementing and managing organizational technology, and is a certified Salesforce Administrator.

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State & Local Policy

Sasha Hauswald
Director of State & Local Policy
Oakland, CA

Sasha Hauswald brings over 10 years of experience in policy research & program design in the local government context and nonprofit sector.

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Stephanie Reyes
State & Local Policy Manager
Oakland, CA

Stephanie Reyes brings over 10 years of experience in policy research, program design and advocacy in the housing and environmental fields.

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