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Balancing Affordability and Opportunity in Shared Equity Homeownership Programs

This set of resources includes a first-of-its-kind study examining data about shared equity homeowners to find out how models like community land trusts and limited-equity housing cooperatives are able to keep housing affordable over time.
The second report expands on the research and focuses on whether shared equity homeownership programs are an effective public investment.

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Key take-aways:

  • Shared equity homeownership programs provide sustainable homeownership that generates wealth-building opportunities for lower-income families while maintaining a stock of affordably priced owner-occupied housing.
  • Shared equity programs allow low-income families to realize the financial benefits of homeownership with less risk of losing their homes to foreclosure.
  • Shared equity programs could be an important part of a policy response to promote sustainable homeownership for lower-income families in the future.

This resource contains two related reports. In the first report, Urban Institute researchers Kenneth Temkin, Brett Theodos, and David Price analyze affordability, wealth building, mobility, and tenure in seven shared equity homeownership programs.

The 33-page report, titled “Balancing Affordability and Opportunity: An Evaluation of Affordable Homeownership Programs with Long-term Affordability Controls,” analyzes homeowner data to answer questions about shared equity homeownership programs, including findings on foreclosure rates.

The second report, “Homeownership Today and Tomorrow: Building Assets While Preserving Affordability,” was written by Miriam Axel-Lute of the National Housing Institute. The 26-page report draws heavily on the research from the first report and explores the role shared equity homeownership can play for housing low- and moderate-income families.


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Community Land Trusts


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