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Grounded Solutions Network CEO Melora Hiller to Retire in 2018

Letter from Robert Burns, Board Chair

On behalf of Grounded Solutions Network, I am writing to share the news that our Chief Executive Officer, Melora Hiller, has announced her plans to retire from full time work in the Spring of 2018. Melora served as Executive Director of the National Community Land Trust Network for five years, and led the effort to merge that organization with Cornerstone Partnership in 2015, creating Grounded Solutions Network.

Since the merger, Melora has successfully led the Grounded Solutions Board, staff, and membership through the complexities of the integration, developing a broadened vision for lasting affordability and a wider set of partnerships through which the new organization has demonstrated its value and impact. Grounded Solutions would not be where it is today without her strong and thoughtful leadership, and we want to express great appreciation for all she has given to our organization. She leaves Grounded Solutions as a growing organization poised to act as a resource for member driven efforts based on our guiding principles for the creation of inclusive and equitable communities.

The Grounded Solutions Network Board has proactively formed a Transition Committee and solicited several proposals from experienced executive search consultants to assist in the selection process to identify a new Chief Executive Officer with the strategic vision and leadership to build an even stronger future. Grounded Solutions is fortunate to have a committed membership, a dedicated and talented staff, stable and supportive long term funding partners, and an engaged Board of Directors. We are confident that all of these strengths will serve as a foundation, providing both the resources and focus required to achieve a seamless leadership transition.

In my dual role as Board President and leader of the Board Transition Committee, I will provide periodic updates of the progress around identifying a new Chief Executive Officer. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have questions.


Letter from Melora Hiller, CEO

As Robert notes, I will transition out of my role once a new CEO is onboard. I remain passionate about our mission and in awe of my highly skilled and hard-working colleagues who consistently extend themselves for our members and the communities with which we work. The formal integration is nearly two years behind us now, and the time is right for me to start the next chapter of my life. I am very confident that the organization is well-positioned for significant success in the future.

The most rewarding part of this work has always been the collaboration with our staff, our members, and our partners, with whom I share a vision of communities that are truly equitable and inclusive, where everyone has opportunities for success and can afford a place to live. I am eager to share what I have learned at Grounded Solutions with my local community-based organizations that have a similar vision.

The Board of Directors has formed a transition committee and has engaged outside assistance to initiate the process for identifying a new CEO. I am sure this process will include opportunities for input from key stakeholders about the kind of leadership that would best serve Grounded Solutions going forward.

Thank you all for making my time as CEO the most productive and enjoyable of my career. I will miss working with you!

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