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New Report Makes the Case for Lasting Affordability

Grounded Solutions Network is proud to have partnered with Habitat for Humanity International to help produce Habitat’s 2017 Shelter Report on a topic near to our hearts. Titled “Affordable for Good: Building Inclusive Communities through Homes that Last,” this report makes a compelling argument for creating homes that stay permanently affordable to benefit generation after generation of low-income home buyers.We were delighted to provide data, case studies, and policy suggestions to support the report.  As the report reminds us, “The harsh reality is that public funding for affordable housing has been dwindling for decades, and charitable giving has not been growing apace.” This makes preservation of affordable homes ever more urgent. Habitat for Humanity topped the list of private home builders in 2016 – just imagine if every Habitat home remained permanently affordable!

While not all Habitat affiliates have embraced lasting affordability, we are long-time champions of those that do.  Grounded Solutions Network includes a number of Habitat affiliates among our members, and we support others through our HomeKeeper user group. Our Stewardship Standards for Homeownership Programs were developed with input and guidance from Habitat for Humanity International and provide a wealth of best practices and resources to ensure programmatic success. Our Subsidy Preservation Calculator helps Habitat affiliates consider the total community investment supporting each home, to evaluate their continuing ability to serve families as funding constraints intensify.

As the leading provider of technical assistance and resources that support long-term affordability, we urge all affordable housing providers to read the report and join us to help create communities — equitable, inclusive and rich in opportunity — by advancing affordable housing solutions that last for generations.

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