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Network Career Board

In an effort to better connect talented members of our community with great organizations in our Network, we’re offering space to post current job vacancies. To add a listing to this post, please contact Member Communications Specialist, Adam Abraham, at aabraham@groundedsolutions.org

For career opportunities at Grounded Solutions Network, please see our Career page HERE>

Executive Director – Douglass Community Land Trust Washington, D.C.

Program Associate – MidPen Housing Foster City, CA

Lending and Compliance Manager – Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East Portland, OR

Construction Supervisor – Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East Portland, OR

Director of Real Estate Development – Homestead Community Land Trust Seattle, WA



Open Opportunities

2018 Technical Solutions Fund

Grounded Solutions Network created the Technical Solutions Fund with the goal of solving problems and enhancing program sustainability for our members. Award types include technical assistance services, peer exchange stipends, and advocacy grants. Through the Technical Solutions Fund, Grounded Solutions Network seeks to support members in three main areas: Sustainability & Growth, Program Design & Improvement, and Advocacy & Event Sponsorships. These areas reflect the intersection of common member requests and Grounded Solutions Network’s strategic priorities.  

All Grounded Solutions members are eligible to apply. Please note that all Technical Solutions Fund awards must be made to organizations (and not individuals).

2018 Application 2017 Awards

Accepting Applications to the Resident Ambassador Program

Grounded Solutions Network is currently accepting applications to the Resident Ambassador Initiative for residents/leaseholders of our member organizations. Through the Resident Ambassador Initiative, Grounded Solutions Network will amplify the voices of our members and their residents in order to move policies on a national level. We will accomplish this by engaging Ambassadors in skill development webinars and other activities that will develop strong leaders and advocates.

Resident ambassadors will engage on a quarterly basis to continue advancing an agenda formed by and for the ambassadors.

Ambassador Benefits:

  • Training on effective advocacy, messaging and storytelling;
  • Networking with other residents/leaseholder leaders from across the country;
  • Possible scholarships and travel expenses to Intersections 2018 our national conference in Pittsburgh, PA, October 1-4 (final funding pending);

Ambassador Expectations:

  • Collaborate with Grounded Solutions staff  to share stories and experiences from their community;
  • Participate in quarterly virtual Ambassador meetings including an hour of preparation and/or follow-up;
  • Participate in the national conference in Pittsburgh, PA (limited opportunity)

If you have residents/leaseholders in mind please nominate them today.


Call for Technical Assistance Providers

Release Date: February 1, 2017
Response Due Date: Rolling; Some specific program deadlines on February 17, 2017

Grounded Solutions Network seeks practitioners willing and interested in sharing their experiences and expertise with others through peer exchange and consulting.  We welcome applications from individuals or organizations with a variety of expertise related to municipal and nonprofit affordable housing programs, community land trusts, local and state policies for inclusive communities, and other areas related to our mission.  In particular, we encourage practitioners seeking to begin or expand their consulting and leadership experience to respond to this call, as no experience is required.

Learn More & Apply



Closed Opportunities

Emerging CLT Initiative: Start-up CLT Exploration Program

Release Date: January 11, 2017 
Currently Closed 

Grounded Solutions Network is pleased to announce the Start-up CLT Exploration Program, targeted at community groups or new community land trust organizations looking to learn more about CLT model and how it can work in their community. If you’re interested in participating, we’re excited to accept you into the program. Starting in February 2017, the program will include access to:

• Interactive ”Office Hour” sessions with Grounded Solutions Network staff and current CLT
practitioners to problem solve issues or concerns that you may be experiencing as your program
• A series of webinars about community land trust development and management;
• Technical assistance (by phone and email) from Grounded Solutions Network staff.

Resident Summit and Scholarships

Grounded Solutions Network is hosting its first ever Resident Summit this year in Oakland. This all-day event (Monday, October 9th) is a chance for residents of Grounded Solutions Network member organizations to connect with each other. The Resident Summit will be led primarily by residents that are a part of Grounded Solutions’ Resident Ambassador Program. The following topics will be covered in the Resident Summit:

1.) How to tell your story for maximum impact
2.) Board Leadership and resident roles
3.) Resident engagement

We will be offering scholarships of up to $1,000 for member organizations to offset the cost of bringing their residents to the conference. 

Resident conference scholarships are available to 2017/2018 Grounded Solutions Network Members. Awards are given by organization (up to $1000 in value per organization); it is up to each organization to determine how to distribute their award.

All applicants (Grounded Solutions Network Members) will be notified no later than August 31, and members will have until September 12 to register their resident for the conference, or risk forfeiting their award.

Intersections 2017 Reseach Scholarship Opportunities

Grounded Solutions Network’s national conference, Intersections 2017, is taking place in Oakland, CA from October 9-12, 2017. We believe that where we live matters. Everyone should be able to live in a place that offers opportunity: access to jobs, parks, public transit, quality schools and stable homes. Strong and inclusive communities provide the foundation that people and families need to thrive– now and for future generations.

This year a limited number of conference scholarships are available to researchers doing exciting, innovative work to advance housing policies and programs that create inclusive and equitable communities and promote and protect lasting affordability.

The deadline to apply for conference scholarships is July 26, 2017.  All applicants will be notified no later than August 1, and scholarship recipients will have until August 31 to register for the conference or risk forfeiting their award.

Intersections 2017 Member Scholarship Opportunities


Thank you for your interest in attending Intersections 2017 in Oakland, October 9 – 12.

Conference scholarships are available to 2017/2018 Grounded Solutions Network Members (be sure to renew your membership!). Awards are given by organization; it is up to each organization to determine how to distribute their award.

All applicants will be notified no later than July 25, and recipients will have until August 25 to register for the conference, or risk forfeiting their award.

Award checks will be distributed post conference, once attendance at the full conference and/or 2017 Training Institute has been confirmed. Recipients will need to register and pay for the conference in advance, in addition to covering travel and accommodation costs.

If your participation at the conference is contingent upon receiving a scholarship, you should not register for the conference until you are notified of an award.

Funds are limited and priority will be given to organizations that did not receive an award for either of the past two National Conferences (2015 & 2016). Grounded Solutions Network’s goal is to use the available scholarship funds to bring as many people to the conference as possible. 

Emerging CLT Intiative: Start-up CLT Capacity Building Initiative

Release Date: January 11, 2017
Response Due Date: February 11, 2017

Grounded Solutions Network is currently accepting applications for our Start-up CLT Capacity Building
Initiative (CBI) which offers business and strategic planning support to community groups or new community land trust organizations. Starting in March, 2017, the eight-month business & strategic planning program will include:

• A two-day in-person training on CLT and/or business & strategic planning related topics;
• Access to an expert consultant to guide the business & strategic planning and writing processes;
• Site-visits and one-on-one technical assistance from the consultant and/or staff; and
• A complimentary registration and travel expenses to the 2017 Intersections National Conference in Oakland, CA (pending funding availability).

Business Planning Coaching

Release Date: December 9, 2016
Currently Closed

Grounded Solutions Network is pleased to share the opportunity for qualified participants to apply for Business Planning Coaching to pursue an inspiring idea for a new line of business or social venture.  Applicants must be current Grounded Solutions Network members who have completed an Organizational Assessment and attended the Mission and Money training through our Business Planning Program.  Coaching leverages the tools and resources applicants learned through the Mission and Money training, as well as the deepened understanding of the organization’s strengths, gaps and opportunities identified in the Organizational Assessment, in order to create a business plan.

Resident Ambassador Initiative

Release Date: November 21, 2016
Response Due Date: December 15, 2016

Grounded Solutions Network is currently accepting nominations for the Ambassador Initiative. Through the Ambassador Initiative, Grounded Solutions Network will amplify the voices of our Members and their residents in order to advance national policies. We will accomplish this by engaging Ambassadors in skill development webinars and other activities that develop strong leaders and advocates.

Ambassadors are homeowners, renters, or cooperative shareholders currently living in homes created by Grounded Solutions Network Members. Ambassadors can be from community land trust organizations, inclusionary housing programs or any other type of shared-equity housing. In order to ensure diversity in our Ambassador Initiative, this year Grounded Solutions Network is particularly interested in receiving nominations from:

• Programs operating in the Midwest, Rocky Mountain West and South;
• Inclusionary housing programs and their partners;
• Renters, cooperative shareholders and condominium owners;
• Communities of color.

Ambassadors will meet quarterly to advance an agenda formed by and for the Ambassadors.

The Ambassador Initiative will be accepting applications again in Q4 2017.

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