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Tools & Resources

Originally as the National Community Land Trust Network and Cornerstone Partnership, and now collectively as Grounded Solutions Network, we are dedicated to creating and sharing tools, resources and best practices to help create, steward and refine affordable housing programs across the nation. 

We are currently working on a new website that will serve as a single clearing house of all of our resources. Until then, we have included some of our most popular resources below. 

If you are looking for a resource not listed here, please visit our resource libraries on these sites: 

National Community Land Trust Network
Expanded resources for community land trusts and beyond

Cornerstone Partnership
Expanded resources for shared equity programs and beyond

Inclusionary Housing 
Expanded resources for inclusionary housing programs and beyond 

Stewardship Standards for Homeownership Programs

The Stewardship Standards for Homeownership Programs (the “Standards”) were developed collaboratively by a number of national organizations, practitioners and experts for the purpose of providing an educational resource and measurable framework to help affordable homeownership programs achieve excellence and maximize impact.

The Standards are grouped according to the six following topics:

  1. Program and Business Planning
  2. Affordable Pricing
  3. Mortgage Financing
  4. Fair Housing and Homebuyer Selection
  5. Resales
  6. Support, Monitoring and Enforcement

Or, download the Stewardship Standards for Homeownership Programs.

Stewardship Standards Self-Assessment

Grounded Solutions Network is proud to release the Stewardship Standards Self-Assessment, designed to assist users in reviewing the required and optimal practices associated with each of the six Stewardship Standards for Homeownership.

Click Here to complete the Stewardship Standards Assessment

For more detailed instructions on how to complete this assessment, click here.

Resources for Habitat Affiliates

2017 Shelter Report: Permanent Affordability

Grounded Solutions Network is proud to have partnered with Habitat for Humanity International to help produce Habitat’s 2017 Shelter Report on a topic near to our hearts. Titled “Affordable for Good: Building Inclusive Communities through Homes that Last,” this report makes a compelling argument for creating homes that stay permanently affordable to benefit generation after generation of low-income home buyers.

2017 Shelter Report

Habitat Subsidy Calculator

Habitat for Humanity affiliates leverage multiple forms of subsidy to make the houses they develop affordable to the families they serve. These subsidies can include easily identifiable sources like land donations or public subsidies, but financing, construction and project management costs, and rising housing prices can all influence the total amount of subsidy supporting a single home. 

This calculator allows users to input the costs and subsidies needed to develop a typical home in order to identify the total community investment (or subsidy) in the home. With this tool, Habitat affiliates can see the whole picture of the amount and type of subsidies going into each home developed. This information will allow Habitat affiliates like yours to consider the total community investment supporting each home, and fairly consider whether subsidy retention or long-term affordability restrictions will allow you to serve more families as funding constraints intensify.

Habitat Subsidy Calculator

Contact Jenee Gaynor at jgaynor@groundedsolutions.org with questions about the calculator or for more information about how Habitat affiliates are successfully using long-term affordability models.

CLT Technical Manual

We are pleased to make this technical guide available to community land trust practitioners and those interested in organizing new CLTs. The CLT Technical Manual is a work that has evolved over the last quarter century when the CLT experience itself was evolving rapidly. In its newly expanded form, the manual provides a comprehensive, practical guide for the ongoing operation of CLTs, as well as for the future of CLT start-ups.

Read and download the full manual, or view a particular chapter, below. 


Resale Formula Resources

Setting an effective affordable price and resale formula makes all the difference in whether a home stays affordable or gets lost to the market.

Across the country, significant amounts of public subsidy are being used to help families into homeownership. Policymakers and practitioners are turning to resale restrictions as a way to protect this investment and help more families build wealth. But making sure homes stay affordable over generations requires careful planning and design.

This video series will enable you to:

  1. Understand Basic Theoretical & Technical Concepts Quickly
    Get an overview of the basic terminology and key considerations in setting an affordable price. Learn about the pros and cons of the 3 most common resale formulas.

  2. Educate Stakeholders
    Help new staff, board members, local housing officials and other key stakeholders understand and improve your program design.

  3. Learn at Your Own Pace
    Obtain free, unlimited access to watch and re-watch five, short segments designed by top experts.

To view the rest of the videos in this series or to download additional resale formula resources,
click here

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