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Shared Equity Homeowner Testimonials

Homeownership is the primary means of building wealth for most Americans, yet the homeownership rates for households of color and families with modest incomes are the lowest they have been in 40 years. Public dollars can be invested more efficiently to increase family success and wealth accumulation through homeownership.

Approximately 250,000 families and individuals own shared equity homes in the United States – Grounded Solutions Network would like that number to grow dramatically.

We’ve asked a few community land trust homeowners (CLTs are one form of shared equity housing) to share their stories – how they ultimately were able to purchase their homes and the impact that owning their own home has on their day-to-day lives.

Bob Robbins
Champlain Housing Trust
Jericho, VT

Jackie Mukiibi
City of Lakes CLT
Minneapolis, MN

Byron Mitchell
Lexington Community Land Trust
Lexington, KY


Rusty Diggs
OPAL Community Land Trust
Eastsound, WA

Carla Stanley
OPAL Community Land Trust
Eastsound, WA

Shannon Milliman
Proud Ground
Portland, OR



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