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Field Growth & Sustainability

We move lasting affordability into the mainstream. We provide tools and resources to help practitioners and programs grow their expertise and adopt best practices. We also build supportive local policy environments and spearhead research that identifies and addresses the sector’s biggest barriers.

Housing with Lasting Affordability

Many communities pour resources into one-off attempts to solve their growing housing problems but struggle to gain ground. Meanwhile, housing programs that prudently use public and private funds to create homes with lasting affordability have been around for decades, yet remain outside the mainstream.

Housing with lasting affordability

We promote financially smart affordable housing solutions like value capture, self‐sustaining homeownership, and lower-cost rental housing that lasts. We prioritize housing solutions that will be affordable for the long term. It’s not enough to just create housing; we need to preserve affordability and safeguard the public investment for generations to come. Our projects generate value continually over time, paying for themselves many times over.

How We Grow the Field

To bring homes with lasting affordability into the mainstream, we must expand the sector. Here’s how we do it.

We know that policy change makes on‐the‐ground work possible, and demonstrated successes push good policy forward. By shining a light on successes, we show the nation that big challenges like gentrification and displacement aren’t inevitable. These successes advance sensible public policies that help us create the strong, inclusive communities we know are possible.

We also grow the movement for strong, inclusive communities through our fee-for-service work with nonprofits, municipalities, and government agencies. We bring our expertise in a wide range of models and policies to each community and co-create unique affordable-housing solutions that last for generations.

How we grow the field

We support the development of industry professionals with the tools at their disposal to create and steward homes for the long term—tools such as HomeKeeper, a management and impact measurement platform for shared equity and housing counseling programs that helps us identify trends and anticipate needs.

Additionally, we host in-person and online events for practitioners, advocates, and allies to build relationships with each other. We respond to questions and develop resources and opportunities that speak directly to emerging needs and interests in the field.

We’ve advocated for shared equity homeownership to be included in the Federal Housing Administration’s Duty to Serve Rule, which has led to opportunities for increased access to lending and opportunities to grow our impact through initiatives like the Duty to Serve Shared Equity Homeownership Certification for Fannie Mae.


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We bring together practitioners and community leaders for meaningful conversations about building inclusive communities.

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