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Strengthening Neighborhoods

Community Voice and Control

Too often, decisions about growth and change in a neighborhood are made without listening to or involving the people who will be most impacted. Many neighborhood leaders and groups have found the community land trust model to be a powerful tool to counteract this trend.

The community land trust model is a direct result of the 1960s American civil rights movement. It was originally planned and intentionally created to mitigate the racial injustice inflicted upon African American farmers in Georgia. Today, community land trusts can be used for housing, commercial space, agriculture, and more.

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Access to Homeownership

Homeownership is the primary means of building wealth for most Americans, yet homeownership rates for households of color and families with modest incomes are the lowest they have been in 40 years.

Shared equity homeownership is an umbrella term for models that preserve affordability over the long term and help families acquire a limited share of wealth. Shared equity homeownership models include deed-restricted housing, below-market-rate housing, limited equity housing cooperatives, and community

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Sharing the Benefits of Growth

When neighborhoods become more vibrant or gain amenities—often through public investment—everyone should benefit, not just speculators or property owners. Policies like inclusionary housing help ensure economic diversity in neighborhoods by tapping the economic gains from rising real estate values to create housing for lower-income families.

More than 900 jurisdictions across 25 states have inclusionary housing programs.

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Homeowner Testimonials

Approximately 250,000 families and individuals in the United States have become homeowners through shared equity homeownership programs.

We’ve asked a few of those homeowners to share their stories of how they were able to purchase their homes and describe the impact that owning their own home has on their day-to-day lives.

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Stories from the Field

Our members, allies, and clients are advancing housing with lasting affordability through policy and action.

Communities nationwide are exploring and implementing solutions that fit their unique needs. Get inspired by their victories and learn from their challenges.

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