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How We Do It

Field Growth and Sustainability

We foster a robust ecosystem of successful housing programs and professionals working with neighborhood-based advocates and allies to expand long-term affordability in communities around the U.S.

Rapidly changing cities are facing the urgent challenge of ensuring our communities have a place for everyone. Community leaders, nonprofits, and municipalities are often evaluating a wide range of new tools and policy options with little time for learning by trial and error. We connect people with the experts and resources they need to identify and use the right solutions and proven best practices for lasting affordability to meet both current and future housing needs.

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Housing Policy Consulting

We help local and state governments identify and implement policies to build and preserve equitable neighborhoods.

We analyze and design public policy, facilitate private and public partnerships, build coalitions, and work to increase access to funding. Our technical expertise supports leaders in improving housing strategies, expanding opportunities for long-lasting affordability, and increasing the stock of homes for families at all income levels.

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Policy Advocacy

We promote national, state, and local policies that influence local economies, housing markets, and funding opportunities, in service of lasting affordability and racial and economic justice. We work in unison with allied strategic partners who share our values and priorities to amplify our impact with our collective voices.

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Where We Work

We bring our programs and expertise into countless communities across the nation and beyond.

We know that policy change makes on‐the‐ground work possible, and that demonstrated successes in turn push good policy forward. That’s why we do both in tandem. By shining a light on shared equity housing successes and housing policy wins, we show the nation that big challenges like gentrification and displacement aren’t inevitable. These successes in turn generate a best practice standard to help advance sensible public policies that help us create the inclusive communities we know are possible.

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Ways to Learn

Annual Conference

We bring together practitioners and community leaders for meaningful conversations about building inclusive communities.

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Learning Events

We train and connect people to share best practices, overcome challenges, and nurture innovation and new approaches.

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Join our national network of people building strong, equitable communities.

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