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Press Release: Historic Contribution

Grounded Solutions Network Receives Substantial Financial Commitment From Philanthropist MacKenzie Scott


CONTACT: Joel Mendelson, [email protected]

AUGUST 8, 2023

Washington, D.C. — Grounded Solutions Network, the nation’s premier experts in housing with lasting affordability announced today that it has received a $12 million unrestricted grant from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott. Her gift is the largest single grant contribution to Grounded Solutions Network in its history.

“MacKenzie Scott’s incredible generosity is a significant validation of our vision for scaling housing with lasting affordability for the benefit of future generations,” said Tony Pickett, CEO of Grounded Solutions Network. “We are so thankful to MacKenzie Scott for her belief in our mission and our unwavering faith that together, community land trusts, limited equity cooperatives, shared equity, and inclusionary housing programs can reduce the widespread national housing affordability crisis in the United States.”

Ms. Scott’s grant is a catalytic resource to increase Grounded Solutions Network’s capacity for advancing multiple initiatives designed to scale the impact of housing with lasting affordability With an innovative and dynamic national staff, a deep focus on racial equity and justice, and an ability to facilitate and shepherd critical relationships across our network and allies, Grounded Solutions Network is well-positioned to utilize and leverage Ms. Scott’s immense gift to the organization. Our network of community land trusts, limited equity cooperatives, shared equity and inclusionary zoning programs are truly thankful for this generous support.

“Grounded Solutions knows that our innovative data proven housing models and policies are effective in meeting the affordable housing needs of American families, which can significantly contribute toward solving housing crisis in the United States,” said Pickett. “The resources needed to scale housing with lasting affordability must at a minimum match the scale of our housing crisis, which today affects millions of American families. While Ms. Scott’s gift alone won’t solve the myriad challenges we face, it will significantly expand our capacity for advancing multiple current initiatives designed to increase the scale of housing with lasting affordability. Today our staff, board, and network members are deeply appreciative of MacKenzie Scott for her belief in us and her gift is further validation of a just released Community Land Trust/Shared Equity Housing Census report data outlining the impact of our affordable housing work.”

Grounded Solutions Network supports communities across the United States, shaping inclusive housing policies, developing affordable housing programs, deploying innovative solutions for addressing racial wealth and homeownership gaps, and assisting community groups and local governments to ensure they have what’s needed to advance lasting affordability for housing now. Grounded Solutions Network firmly believes that housing with affordability that lasts for generations improves economic and health outcomes, narrows the racial wealth gap between white families and families of color, and invests in communities — especially BIPOC communities — helping correct decades of racial segregation, restrictive, and discriminatory housing policies.

MacKenzie Scott’s gift serves to solidify and anchor the organization’s work, providing a strong foundation for years to come.


Founded in 2016 through a merger of the National Community Land Trust Network and Cornerstone Partnership, Grounded Solutions Network is the nation’s premier nonprofit leader for lasting affordability, focused on cultivating equitable and inclusive communities across the United States by advancing affordable housing solutions that last for generations.


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