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Rachel Silver

Rachel Silver is the Chief Operating Officer of Grounded Solutions Network.

Rachel Silver

Prior to serving as Chief Operating Officer at Grounded Solutions Network, Rachel was the Director of Cornerstone Partnership. She has also worked with Cornerstone Partnership as a housing consultant, served as the Housing Development Manager for the City of Alameda, California, and held positions in nonprofit housing development, real estate finance, and teaching. While with the City of Alameda, she led a team of interdepartmental City staff through a collaborative process to design and draft an Inclusionary Housing Ordinance and guided its adoption and implementation.

Rachel received her BA degree from Williams College in Massachusetts and her MA in City Planning from the University of California, Berkeley.

After graduating from college with a BA in English Literature and a passion for travel, Rachel spent her early 20s backpacking around the world, spending time in developing countries in South America and Asia. From those experiences came a deep interest in international development and the condition of women in the developing world, which led her to graduate school to pursue a Master of City Planning. Once there, her interest shifted to affordable housing as an exciting, tangible way to help people in her community find stability and access opportunity, while helping improve and revitalize neighborhoods. She switched her focus and has worked in affordable housing ever since.

Rachel is an avid reader, and when deep in a book, the rest of the world disappears. Unfortunately, she’s passed this trait on to her children, so she now knows how annoying this can be for the people around her. For vacations, Rachel loves large family gatherings with lots of food and wine, preferably spent at the beach.

Contact Rachel Silver

Location: Oakland, CA
Phone: 503-493-1000 ext. 14


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