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Technical Assistance

Grounded Solutions Network is a national expert on local housing policies for inclusive growth and homeownership models with lasting affordability. Our technical assistance reflects a convergence of research, policy, and practice.


Grounded Solutions Network leverages and draws upon the experience and expertise of over 225 member organizations across the country. We share best practices and learn from sector challenges to support programmatic effectiveness and efficiency.


We are the nation’s leader in researching best practices, opportunities, and challenges associated with community land trusts, inclusionary housing, and other models that preserve affordability over multiple generations. Our research informs—and is informed by—our policy work and practice.


Our housing policy work prioritizes lasting affordability. We emphasize realistic, actionable, and comprehensive policy interventions. 

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Our Approach


Grounded Solutions Network takes a collaborative approach to technical assistance. Our staff provides expert knowledge and facilitates a structured process that relies on our clients’ local knowledge and decision-making.

Our team has experience working directly in a wide range of communities (urban, suburban, and rural), in different types of markets (weak, strong, and mixed-market) and with diverse partners (municipal government staff and policymakers, private firms, community land trusts, Habitat for Humanity and other nonprofit staff, organizers, and advocates). Our goal is to collaborate with local experts on applying national best practices to the local environment and to develop policy and program recommendations that are implementable in that community by leveraging strengths and acknowledging real-world limitations.

We strive for racial equity in both our process and our outcomes, prioritizing genuine community engagement and solutions that benefit low-income communities and communities of color.

Our Areas of Expertise  

Making Programs that Work:

  • Detailed Policy and Program Designs
  • Program Implementation, Evaluation and Refinement

Housing Planning and Strategy:

  • Comprehensive Housing Strategy Formation
  • Integrating Lasting Affordability into Policies and Investments
  • Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing
  • Market Research and Financial Feasibility Analysis
  • Resident Displacement Prevention
  • Revenue Generation and Housing Trust Funds
  • Affordable Housing Preservation Strategies

Inclusionary Housing Policy Design: 

  • Best Practices and Case Studies
  • Financial Feasibility Analysis
  • Custom Inclusionary Housing Calculators
  • Incentive Zoning, Cost-Offsetting, and Voluntary Policies
  • Impact Fee and Commercial Linkage Fee Programs
  • Market-Sensitive Policy Design
  • Administrative Procedures Manuals
  • Program Assessments

Homeownership Program Design:

  • Affordable Pricing and Resale Formula Design or Review
  • Legal Instrument Customization or Review
  • Monitoring, Compliance, and Stewardship
  • Policy Manual Customization or Review
  • Shared Equity Business Planning
  • Fee and Revenue Analysis
  • Shared Equity Program Adoption Analysis


  • Case Studies of Housing Programs and Policies
  • National Field-Building Reports
  • Client-Tailored White Papers

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