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Transit-oriented Development and Community Land Trusts

As transit systems expand and deliver improved connectivity, demand for housing within walking distance of transit stops is expected to grow, leading to higher rents and home prices that may price existing and prospective lower-income households out of these neighborhoods.

This paper examines the potential role of community land trusts to help address these concerns and ensure that transit-oriented development is affordable to lower-income households over the long term.

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Key take-aways:

  • Transit expansions provide CLTs an opportunity to shape neighborhood planning and transit alignment decisions, and to acquire land before transit stations, new amenities, and related infrastructure investments make land prices prohibitively expensive.
  • Local gov’s, regional agencies, local/national nonprofits, foundations, and community development intermediaries are increasingly focused on equitable transit-oriented development, creating a supportive environment for CLTs to be active in this arena.
  • To address transit-oriented development affordability concerns, some community land trusts will need to develop new capacities involving the stewardship of affordable condominiums and the development of affordable rental housing.

This 46-page report, “The Role of Community Land Trusts in Fostering Equitable, Transit-Oriented Development: Case Studies from Atlanta, Denver, and the Twin Cities,” uses case studies of community land trusts engaged in transit-oriented development efforts.

Author Robert Hickey examines efforts in Atlanta, Denver, and the Twin Cities to explore the opportunities, challenges, and supports that exist for community land trusts interested in doing transit-oriented development.

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